Monday, 21 September 2015

Screen recording (video capturing) in RHEL7 using Krut

About Kurt

Krut has an intuitive and compact interface and boasts the following features
  • Timer-controlled recording
  • Movable recording areas during recording
  • Preview of ongoing recording
  • Optional mouse pointer recording
  • Record/Playback at 2 different frame rates
  • Highly accurate audio-video synchronization
As it is written in Java and is available as a runnable jar file, it is very easy to use on your Centos 7/RHEL7

Prerequisites to run Krut

Krut is required run java you have install java, jar and jdk.
GUI desktop have to be installed since it is a graphical user mode

Installation Procedure


~]#yum install java*
click on this link to Download Kurt

~]#cd Krut
~]#java -jar krut.jar

Krut recorder - Tech Tutorials
Krut recording screen
click on record button to record the screen

click on the Menu -> Settings

You can change the settings whatever you want.


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