Monday, 14 September 2015

Print beautiful text banners - RHEL7 for freshers

To Print Text Banners in beautiful using a simple command.

This 'figlet' command required to install the figlet fonts to install the print follow the below process. 

Login to your Linux Server then run below command
~]# wget

Download figlet

it will download an figlet package and save in current directory

Extra your figlet tar file using tar command
~]# tar -xzvf figlet-2.2.3.tar.gz

Now run to install the figlet
~]# make figlet 
Install figlet using make command

Now copy the .flf files to /usr/local/bin/ directory
~]#cd figlet-2.2.3
~]# cp * /usr/local/bin/
~]#figlet -k ravi

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  1. I dont want to install figlet, i just want to have a simple one line msz in the terminal of redhat 7, any solution ?